North Bridge House Senior School v John Lyon: Good, Bad or Ugly?

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Skylark99 Tue 16-Feb-16 14:07:43

Our son has been offered a place at North Bridge House Senior School (Hampstead) in their 11+ intake starting in September.
We liked the feel of the school. Reviews of it seem to be a bit mixed though. We're looking for a warm, nurturing environment with good but not hot-housing academics.
The other offer we have is from John Lyon (Harrow) which seems to be better academically but it's boys only and ideally we'd like co-ed.
It's down to these two - didn't get offers from others that we applied to, and these were our favourites in any case!
Any firsthand - or secondhand - views or anecdotes about these school would be really helpful and welcome!
We've gotta take the plunge within the next couple of weeks, so hope to hear something soon

Thorntonsbudgens Sun 06-Mar-16 16:30:48

blush bit late. We are very happy with NBH Hampstead. DD is in year 8. My only reservation us that they give more homework and emphasise academics more than I expected but it is not hot house style competitive

north1mum Wed 08-Mar-17 14:28:34

Speaking from direct experience as an NBH parent I would use your money more wisely. Hire in tutors and connect with home-learners, many of whom you will instantly admire. Once Year 10 arrives and GCSEs start to kick in, you realise how expertly the smiles and self-promotion that identify NBH have hidden away the inept leadership. Your child will then be playing catch-up and you will join the ranks of angry parents who realise they've been duped. Having said that, the kids are lovely and some of the staff excellent. But Heads make a school what it is and that requires more than smiles and that self-promotion.


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