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shwetasawhney Mon 29-Jun-15 17:52:42

Hi Mums
Im very new to mums net and have heard great things about getting help and support. My DS starts going to school this sep and Im looking for an after school Nanny. I dont want to pay heavy agencies fees and also would like to get someone recommended as it gives me some relief that the nanny would be more reliable. Im not sure where to start and would looking for a nanny share any easier than looking for sole charge Nanny? I have tried sites like gumtree and but to no avail. Found someone and then about the time of signing contract she decided to travel !!! Also im in West hampstead and Ds' school is in Hampstead

Lscarr01 Sun 05-Jul-15 15:59:43

Hey, have you tried on the Maida Vale mums 2 mums group? See things like this posted all of the time!

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