How to choose a sling?

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seja81 Wed 13-May-15 08:36:52

Hello Ladies,
Could you please tell me which sling I should buy for me and my 8 months son? We have tried few in shops but some of them are so expensive and I am not sure of spending all those money for something I may not use. I am not very happy about getting second hand too. I have found the info about babywearing walk in Chalk Farm during which you can try few slings while walking. Have anyone tried it?

lovecamden Wed 10-Jun-15 13:42:06

I recommend the Tula slings. So easy to use, very comfy and can be worn front and back.
I have the toddler Tula. We bought it for a walking holiday when my son was 2. It was perfect, carrying him on 7 mile walks was easy. Now my son is 4, we still use it all the time. I stick it in the bag on any day out when I think the days activities will be a bit much for him. It's just like giving him a piggyback without him or me having to hold on. I'm sure the baby slings are just as good.

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