Utter trivia - can someone recommend a bar or pub in Kentish Town???

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discophile Wed 19-Nov-14 21:17:36

Although Kentish Town is my home turf I haven't been out there for decades. Can someone recommend a bar or pub that is not too noisy but cool and groovy? Does such a place exist in Kentish Town? Probably needs to be on the high street as I'm meeting someone there. Thanks.

IslingtonCamdenHaringeyWestmin Thu 20-Nov-14 16:05:45

We like going here local.mumsnet.com/camden/pubs-bars/88474-award-winning-pub.
It's not too busy, yet lively. Good food/drinks and atmosphere. As far as cool - I'm not sure - I like to think I'm cool, but 'Camden Cool' it may not be.
Worth a punt though, if you've not been before.

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