Is the London Zoo annual pass worth it?

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lovecamden Thu 10-Jul-14 09:46:50

I'm thinking about getting one, but it is quite a lot. I'm worried that we will used it once or twice and then not want to go again. I'd love to know if you've had one, and how you ended up using it.

CarveHerNameWithPride Thu 10-Jul-14 15:19:30

We had one a couple of years ago and I found it worthwhile even though we love in South London, the best part of an hour away. I didn't buy one for DH, just me and the DCs, which kept the cost down, and we went whenever we had a free day and nothing to do. They have us some half priced guest passes as well which we used to take the DPILs.

Do investigate whether you can get them cheaper with Nectar/Tesco points.

bananacakeplease Mon 14-Jul-14 12:20:47

Completely worth it. The fact that you don't have to queue is enough for me. We've also found that we enjoy our visits more as there is no pressure to see everything and stay all day. We now pop in for an hour or two of a morning - its a great way to start the day.

Natcoll81 Sat 23-Aug-14 17:38:51

Yeah def worth it , we had our 3 years now and use it loads ,

winkywinkola Sat 23-Aug-14 20:17:14

We've had membership for seven years now. Except we live near Whipsnade Zoo and mostly use that one.

I believe if you get membership you can use both zoos.

With under 10s, I would totally recommend it.

lovecamden Wed 10-Jun-15 14:01:35

Thanks all, I think we're going to get one for the Summer hols and I've heard its handy for seeing Santa at the zoo. Does anyone drive to Whipsnade from central London, how long does it take?

sammy12345 Wed 10-Jun-15 14:12:41

We drive there probably once a year and it takes around 45 mins from Archway.

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