Mummy choir for mums with kids in West Hampstead... (Hummy Mummies)

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ShannonLea Fri 26-Jul-13 21:21:14

I'm looking for 10 or more mum's who would like to get together once a week with their little ones and sing all types of music, just for fun. See below!

Hummy Mummies is a "choir for mums (or mum-replacements) with bumps, babies and toddlers. Hummy Mummies exists to give mums the chance to get together and sing while looking after their little darlings.

Come and be part of the community of Hummy Mummies. We meet in a variety of locations around London, with branches opening all over the place.

We sing a range of music, primarily based around pop, rock, folk and world music. You do not need to have any experience of choral singing or to be able to read music. You don’t even have to be a particularly great singer. What you do need is a sense of fun, enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved. We will be learning part-singing in a number of different ways. There is no religious or political bias at all – however sometimes we may learn songs from different traditions.

The premise of Hummy Mummies is to provide a stress-free environment where you can sing without worrying too much (within reason) about noise from your little one."

If you are interested please email me:

(I have no affiliation with Hummy Mummies, but am gathering a group of interested mums so that Hummy Mummies can then open a branch in our area).


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