Have you heard about free parenting advice in Camden?

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ADV: CANparent Fri 01-Mar-13 23:19:34

CANparent is offering any parent in Camden with a child age 0-5 a £100 voucher for parenting advice from a list of trusted organisations. A parenting class offers a fun and relaxed way to share ideas and tips with other parents, giving you new strategies for raising your child and to help you feel more confident as a parent.

CANparent classes cover many different topics. Here are just some of the things parents may learn:
• why children behave the way they do
• setting firm and fair limits
• how children develop at different ages and stages
• reducing family conflict
• how to be in tune with your child
• different styles of parenting
• working together as a team

Visit www.canparent.org.uk/camden-classes to find your local class and download your online voucher.

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