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pmTea Wed 26-Jun-13 23:24:02

aaaah, your post was written back in September - so probably all too late for you know...sorry hmm

pmTea Wed 26-Jun-13 23:21:52

My Dd is 5 and at school, but we've been in area a couple of years and know plenty of families with young babies who regularly go to drop-ins around here.
Ready then?!
Here goes.
1. One o' clock club Parliament Hill (Hampstead Heath, near the playground)
2. Konstam Children's Ctr (Chester Rd) baby and toddler drop-ins (Weds, I think).
3. Holly Lodge Community Centre in Holly Lodge Estate has been refurbished and has drop-ins within its nursery.
4. Ditto HNCC (Highgate Newtown Community Ctr) has drop-ins in its nursery and also Mabels Monsters and other kids stuff going on within the main building.
5. If you're moving to Tufnell Park on the borough of Islington side, Archway Children's ctr in Vorley Rd has some great stuff for babies and toddlers too, but you have to be an Islington resident.

Sadly I brought my DD up in the depths of sunny Kilburn where there was bigger-all to do - wish I'd been living in Dartmouth/Tufnell Park then smile.
Don't mean to be cheeky, but seriously check out good schools and their cut off points/catchment areas before you buy anything first. It's crucisl that you live within certain distances to even stand a chance with the good ones (eg Yerbury, Eleanor Palmer, Brookfield).
Tufnell Park (and Dartmouth Park where we live) are great areas - so close to the Heath too - good luck and enjoy!

MintTeaForMe Mon 24-Sep-12 19:28:49

DH and I are thinking of moving the family to Tufnell Park. We've visited the area a number of times now and we can see that it's full of families with small children, nice houses, good schools etc. Which should mean that there's lots of stuff to do with babies, right? Our DS is 10 months at the moment and the one thing I've found really annoying about where we live now is that there are so few drop-ins within walking distance. A quick google search shows there's a local children's centre in Tufnell Park, but not much else. Can this be right? We're looking at a house about 5 mins walk from the station.

I've found the TPPS website which looks great - the thing is DS is looked after by a nanny for four days of the week and it sounds like she wouldn't be welcome to any of their get-togethers. So what I'm wondering is: if anyone reading this lives in Tufnell Park at the moment and has a baby, which classes / drop-ins do you go to regularly?

Thanks in advance......

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