Hairdressers for mixed race DD

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AppleB Tue 12-Jun-12 00:31:53

Hi ipot,

I am a hairdresser who has many years of experience, including doing members of my family,friends and customers. I have also experience of doing other peoples children (which I found easier than doing my own son's hair smile ). If you are still looking for a hairdresser get in touch, I have recently started up my own business. I am friendly and flexible.

AppleB smile.

ipot Tue 29-May-12 16:59:48

I live in NW6 near West Hampstead, am desperate to find a local hairdressers for my DD who is 3 & a half. She is mixed race & needs a trim & maybe plaits,canerow as hair is so thick & she is suffering in this heat.

I imagine Kilburn or somewhere like that may have a few suitable hairdressers but wanted a recommendation


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