Looking for nanny/nanny share in Belsize Park

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hadrian Wed 18-Apr-12 09:39:58

I'm looking for a nanny to take care of my son for two days a week from the beginning of July when he will be six months old. We live in Belsize Park. Is anyone interested in a nanny share? And does anyone know of a good nanny who might be available?

Ash87 Mon 23-Apr-12 15:10:06

Hi Hadrian! Did you try posting on gumtree? Also try registering on sites like Nanny in Belsize Park and childcare. You must be able to find them quite quick through these options smile

pimenttel01 Mon 07-May-12 13:27:55


My name is Monica. I have been living in London for 3 years. During this time I was working as a nanny for two families. One was an English family in Streatham Hill, where I was looking after two little boys and at the same time I worked for a Portuguese family in Clapham common looking after a little baby.
At the moment I am on holiday in Brazil, the place where I'm from, but I will be back soon and I am looking for a job. My previous boss told me about this position as she has been helping me to look for a job.
I am bubbly, funny and very enthusiastic person as well as quick learner, responsible, clean, dedicated and I love spending time with kids.
I can send you my CV with detailed information about my experiences and qualifications, and I can also provide you some references. It would be a pleasure to meet you for an interview from June 15th when I get back to London.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

kalidasa Mon 07-May-12 13:51:22

Did you have any luck Hadrian? I'm interested because we are also in Belsize Park. Won't work for a nanny share with you as the baby's not due until September and we won't need care until Easter at the earliest but I'd like to know how you got on. I am completely clueless about this stuff.

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