UCL Nursery?

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bloomsbrie Wed 18-Jan-12 10:04:10

There have been changes there lately - it has merged with IoE nursery - but the babies are in Woburn Square and the older ones in Gordon square. The ex-IoE staff are lovely (Juraj, Zehra) - but are with the babies mainly. We looked at it - it looked quite nice, lively. But we went somewhere else in the end with more immediate outdoor space.

sebbieLondon Mon 16-Jan-12 01:24:49

My daughter went there for 18 months .She is 8 now so it was quite a number of years ago . I was pleased with it ( and I am very fussy about child care ) it was small and friendly with good activities laid out every morning for the children . a woman called Zara was in charge then and i always felt she was competent .Everyday the children where taken to the little playground across the way . It does have a high turn over of kids so there was almost always a new child being settled in which did preoccupy the staff at times . They could also be a bit fierce about nap times which my DD didn't like as she gave up naps early . My son had attended ULU nursery 3 years before and that was awful . Not sure if that still exists it was on the top floor of the Union building.

Helcia Sun 15-Jan-12 00:36:49

Hi, I'm new to "thread". Anyone heard about UCL Nursery, by the Gordon Square? Any good?

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