Help for tufnell park! need local babysitter or all day activity club for 3+4 jan 2012

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Zezinha Sun 11-Dec-11 18:02:21

Great I have a new job! Argg what am I going to do with the kids (girls 6 and 8)! I guess some of you must know this feeling.. I live in corinne road and would love any suggestions on how to organise childcare for 3 and 4 january all day (a holiday club? an available bbsitter?). I am also interested in finding a local reliable babysitter with references for sporadic evening or end of days going forward into 2012. Thanks, any suggestions are very welcome.. happy holidays to all mumsneters!

Gigondas Sun 11-Dec-11 18:53:32

Doesn't sitters do daytime babysitters now?

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