Schools admissions - Help please!

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chiarachiara Sun 18-Dec-11 20:03:37

Hi Huggler, I am italian moving to same area shortly. Same issues as your Australian friend, I have a 3 y.o. girl. If she wants to keep in touch or share some useful infos send me a message so that we can write by email.

BeattieBow Mon 28-Nov-11 12:08:51

page 61 of that booklet has the distances for last year- some of them are very scary.

BeattieBow Mon 28-Nov-11 12:06:43

if she is here before 15 jan she will be ok to apply for school places for Sept 2012.

the linke here see pdf booklet states how far away people lived for each state school. the popular schools in Hampstead and Belsize park are either church schools (easier to get in if you live further away) or very popular with small catchments. the school admissions people are very helpful ime - I moved here with small children in the summer.

If she doesn't get in straightaway, ime people do move on quickly from the area and it would be possible to get a place later - the admissions people can advise on waiting lists etc.

There are loads of private schools in the area - I'm sure it would be possible to get in to those now, although I think you have to put your name down from birth for some places. Still, i think people do move out of the area alot.

Do you know which street she is planning on living in? if she is a churchgoer it will be easier to get a school place ime.

Huggler Mon 28-Nov-11 11:53:47

Thank you. Does anyone know ones where the waiting lists aren't so long?

CeeMac Fri 25-Nov-11 11:20:34

Have you tried taking a look at L.B of Camden's website? It has the names and contact details for all of the nursery schools in the borough. Although recommendation is good, your friend will also need to think about what she wants from a school. For example, is she looking for a faith school, an all girls/boys school etc etc. This will help her to rule out the ones that don't fit the bill and then have a shorter list to work with. There are a number of good schools in that area: State and private. Devonshire House School and North Bridge House School are excellent and have very good Ofsted reports although I am not sure what age they take children on. I am afraid to say that there is no quick way around it, a bit of research and some criteria to start with might be best. I hope this helps!

Huggler Sun 20-Nov-11 20:41:35

Oh, and she'll also consider Highgate. If anyone can recommend the best schools to try, she'd be very grateful.

Huggler Sun 20-Nov-11 20:39:43

I have a friend who is moving over from Australia imminently and will possibly be living in Belsize Park. She has a 3.5 year old boy and a 14 month old girl. She's discovering that schools admissions is a nightmare, but I can't really help her as I don't really know the schools in the area.

She'll consider private, but obviously doesn't have her name down anywhere. Can anyone help? I'll send her a link to this thread.

Thanks xx

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