Giveaway - 6 Bottle Stereliser & Vicks Humidifier

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FransCarpetCleaning Sat 12-Nov-11 19:39:25

Hi, I have a 6 Bottle Avent corded steriliser & a Vicks humidifier to give away. Humidifier practically new - only been used a couple of times, & steriliser in good condition. Pick-up in Hampstead/Belsize.

Furball Sun 13-Nov-11 06:19:02

If no one here wants

contact your hv about donating them to a womens refuge smile

FransCarpetCleaning Sun 13-Nov-11 20:05:30

Thanks, will do!

ninaberry Tue 24-Apr-12 08:53:59

hello, if you still have the humidifier I would love to have it. I've already broke 2 that I bought, and my baby really needs it... Cheers!!!

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