Kentish Town east childcare search!

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TheSpanishNursery Thu 15-Nov-12 13:03:45

If interested in a bi-lingual nursery place and/or after school programme, please check us out at

Zola1973 Sun 17-Apr-11 14:59:18

Forgot to mention that the cafe/pub is a popular place near Hampstead tube station.

Zola1973 Sun 17-Apr-11 14:58:38

Hi ! New to mumsnet so dont know how to start a new topic. Here it is -
two friends, A - v. pregnant, and L. - with seven month old daughter, were asked last Friday afternoon to leave nice pub where they were drinking coffee because L. started breastfeeding.
I am a friend and would like to organise a Feed In, involving several local mothers + babies, with a press photographer. Anyone out there willing to help, say next Thursday ?
020 7485 6862.

Klaska Thu 14-Apr-11 09:11:06

bump - in hope!

Klaska Thu 14-Apr-11 00:11:16

I'm going to be moving to this area in July and start back at work in August. All the effort I've been putting in researching childcare options in my current area is going out the window! I'm looking for 3 days of care a week for a (by then) 12 month old. Any recommendations for part-time nannies, nanny shares or childminders or nurseries?? Thanks in advance local MNers!

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