Pre-School ballet classes in the Hampstead area?

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BettieMac Sat 12-Mar-11 18:29:57

My nearly-four year old daughter has recently started begging to attend ballet classes. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anywhere that caters to her age group. Does anyone know of any ballet schools/teachers near or in Hampstead that do classes for pre-school children. Links and shared experiences would be much appreciated.

thenevernever Sat 12-Mar-11 22:07:05

My dd went to Highgate Ballet school when she was 4. she really loved it. classes are held in the church on pond square.

nannyj Wed 13-Apr-11 00:20:21

Rona Hart classes are nice for kids. It's just off the high street.

hampsteadmum Wed 13-Apr-11 14:12:51

Apologies for long post. My dd (6) started at "Rona Hart2 when she was 2.5 and then moved to "Hampstead Ballet School" at 3.5 simply because all her school friends moved there. The latter is ran by a Russian couple (Kirov and Vaganova Academy trained) and takes them from 2+. Both schools have classes at a number of venues in Hampstead and West Hampstead. The Rona Hart lesson involved a lot of running around pretending they were fairies. Good fun when you are 2. They also have an end of year performance (also good fun). Hampstead Ballet School is proper ballet. Structured but fun. You'd notice the difference immediately. They teach proper ballet moves and terminology from the start. They have a website so you can check out venues. It is also cheaper and no need for a term's notice if you want to leave. Only slight drawback is that they don't seem to do an end of year performance any more. You can try them both. I think they both offer a free lesson.

nannyj Wed 13-Apr-11 23:06:23

Yes Rona Hart is very fluffy and fairy-like!

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Apr-11 15:49:32

My daughter loves Rona Hart - let's face it at 4 they ARE fairies in their eyes - and now she's 5 they've started doing plies (sp?) and more ballet-like moves but it's still fun which after the pressure hampstead schools put on them can only be a good thing I thinksmile

My only gripe is not being able to watch any more as she goes on my day off from work and I used to enjoy watching. You do get to watch the last lesson of every term though.

duplomania Tue 07-Jun-11 21:20:28

Does anyone have any experience of Gillian winn ballet school, the website looks good but I don't know anyone who goes there. how does it compare to Rona Hart? do Rona Hart do RAD exams?

Another place I have heard of is Glass dance studios who are doing classes at ucs active.

GoldysMum Fri 17-Jun-11 21:45:23

My 3 year old goes to Gillian Winn and has been going since 2 1/2 she loves it - lots of pretending to be fairies and mermaids so perfect for my little one. I know they do all the exams as they get older but for now it's just for fun :-)

FransCarpetCleaning Sat 12-Nov-11 18:39:40

My daughter went to The Hampstead School of Ballet with Anastasia from about 3.5 - 6.5yrs. They have venues on Heath street, Church Row & O2 centre. Anastasia (Miss Anna) is very professional and the lessons are quite structured - but they seem to love it all the same! Mine definately did as she stuck it out for 3 yrs! You can contact Miss Anna on 077 6458 7851.

LynseyFreshVibes Thu 01-Dec-11 22:32:19

For RAD ballet go to JumpUp based in Hampstead and run by Erna Kuenen who is an RAD examiner along with Debbie and Carol. Highly recommended! Lx

lynlann Thu 08-Nov-12 09:25:58

I think Rona Hart are really amazing. They are very well established and have really professional teachers. The classes for little ones are structured but imaginative, with stories etc so all very age appropriate. Their shows are brilliant too, the whole school takes part and it's such fantastic experience for the children. Basically they get great results but all the children are really happy, you can't ask for more than that. My daughter's been going for years now and she loves it.

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