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EelPie Sun 08-Jun-08 23:13:30

Hi All

So Dance-Island is coming to Ely. It will be just the other side of Stuntney.

I am quite impressed that we have attracted a big event but can't help feeling there will be noise hmm

I can hear the Station announcements if the wind is in the right direction and we live the other side of town. So how loud should I expect this to be? It is an all night dance party.

DP and I have just joked about going, something we would have dome when we first met as Students. However nao I need sleep ot bass thudding until 6am.

Anyone heard anything about it to put my mind at ease or is it going to be as bad as I think?

Phonicsangel Fri 13-Jun-08 22:47:39

Hi Eelpie .. We too hear the announcements ! Do you live near the Hospital ?

Not heard too much about Dance Island but should imagine it will be noisy ! Wont be too bad over here though just the constant thudding of the beat echoing .. Hopefully .

Phonicsangel Sun 06-Jul-08 21:35:31

Dance Island been and gone ! Wasn't as noisy as i thought ..Only woke me at 3 but only for a second smile What about you Eelpie?

Eelpie Mon 07-Jul-08 20:14:51

I quite enjoyed it grin We sat outside for a while and could hear the Bass. Took me back a few years. DP even found Utah Saints on Youtube grin

No not near the Hospital accross a bit but North Ely.

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