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stepheng1073 Thu 03-Feb-11 10:20:52

East Cambridgeshire District Council are submitting plans for a multi million pound out of town Leisure centre on the edge of Ely.

Ely already has a central Leisure Centre which is leased until 2085 and it would be more cost effective if this site was developed and upgraded to meet the demands of the local population while increasing people entering the centre of Ely and supporting the local economy!

For the sake of our children we must keep the Leisure Centre in an easy to access, safe central location. Please sign the petition to keep the Leisure Centre in Ely in the centre of Ely http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42296.html

2plusangels Sat 23-Aug-08 11:08:53

wow parents in ely,I'm new here in Ely and still sorting things out. mine are 10months and 7yrs with autism. pLease Saker and DingdongMarybonhigh, can you advise me on how to transfer my DS statement to the new LEA? Many thanks

james79 Fri 02-May-08 19:40:54

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the free play and snack time. Many pre-pay/specialist groups don't/can't do this and i think it is a real shame. Languages for the very young need consolidation and practice, time to sink in and space to develop and parents need space to discuss!
I will keep you informed as to progress.

Phonicsangel Thu 01-May-08 23:56:47

Sounds a great idea , & i like the additional free play with snack time . I think that i would probably pay for a session like this as it's something you would go to specifically as opposed to just socialise anything from £4.50 to £6.oo tops . I would do it to pay half termly as i do a couple of clubs that i have to pay in advance to secure my place . Good luck ! keep us informed as i would be interested .

james79 Tue 29-Apr-08 17:25:30

Hi, I would really appreciate some of your thoughts/ideas/suggestions.
I'd really like my daughter to learn Spanish and am considering setting up a Spanish playgroup/class. As i don't speak the language i'd need to employ a tutor. Sessions would be something along the lines of first 40 mins tutor led songs, stories and themed activity, then free play, snack time etc.
Would you be interested in taking your child to such a group and how much would you be willing to pay? I think i'd have to set it up for parents to pay half termly/termly to ensure i could afford to pay the tutor? Any language tutors out there? How much would you expect to charge? Thank you all!

Phonicsangel Sat 26-Apr-08 00:15:07

Hello.. Not sure if you mean nurseries but Harleqin on Downham Road is highly recommended & takes children half days .. Or there is little rascals ! or you could try a childminder which if you look on the NCMA website can tell you a list of childminders . Welcome to Ely hope you like it. ..

Phonicsangel Sat 26-Apr-08 00:15:06

Hello.. Not sure if you mean nurseries but Harleqin on Downham Road is highly recommended & takes children half days .. Or there is little rascals ! or you could try a childminder which if you look on the NCMA website can tell you a list of childminders . Welcome to Ely hope you like it. ..

PhDiva Thu 24-Apr-08 18:56:35

Well me too! I have only been here a few months, but very pleased to have found Ely. Ds is 15 months, and we also have a nanny. We tried a nursery (Little Rascals) near the river, but ds just caught one disease after the other, so we gave up. I would recommend it though. My nanny just works 3 days a week, so if anyone is looking for help on a couple of days, let me know. She is lovely.

hobbity Sat 19-Apr-08 19:25:13

I've just found you!! I lived in Ely for about 15months and have DD10 years and DS14months. I mainly work from home so cheat and have a nanny wink

james79 Tue 08-Apr-08 13:35:09

Hi, i don't know of any places that you could leave your toddler but i too have one plus one one the way so would welcome any ideas too...!

mtb34 Thu 27-Mar-08 20:15:50

I just thought, brill - a homepage for Ely but it's been nearly 3 months since anyone used it! Is anyone else out there???

I have a 21 month old. Lived in Ely for over a year and expecting again Could do with finding out about great places that you can leave your toddler for a couple of hours or more a week - any ideas?

Saker Fri 04-Jan-08 21:06:48

I am SAHM also - I used to be a research biologist for a pharmaceutical company.

Mary - have you come across Bizzykidz - they are doing a lot of activities for kids with special needs in East Cambs.

james79 Thu 03-Jan-08 18:00:26

Hello-sorry i've been so busy and haven't been on for ages! I used to be a primary school teacher but gave it up to be at home with my little girl. I do miss my job as i really loved it but nothing beats being with her everyday. I currently run a market stall-children's nearly new! in Ely and i am really enjoying that and I also do a bit of voluntary work supporting an adults literacy and numeracy group. What do you all get up to?

DingdongMaryBonhigh Mon 31-Dec-07 16:44:56

My 2 are aged 8 and 6 too. DS(6) has Asperger's.

Saker Mon 31-Dec-07 09:19:04

Just to say hello - I am not far from Ely either. Two boys, 8 and 6. Ds2 has special needs and goes to special school in Ely.

Phonicsangel Wed 05-Dec-07 22:32:49

Hi, Sorry been off line for a while ..blush I have two children boy 3 & girl 22mths .. Lived in Ely for about 10 yrs & i like it but agree with the lack of shopping especially this time of year ! Cant get what you want & drives me mad too! We love the river spend a fortune on duck food it's ideal for the kids it is a relatively safe area to live . Far too many houses though like you say we used to have a lovely field behind us but now about 500 houses to look at & some noisy neighbours. Would love to live in Cambridge but just couldn't afford to not even when i worked . Do you work ?

james79 Mon 26-Nov-07 19:26:57

Hi, we have just the one child at the moment-she's 14 months. We have lived here for 6 years and i miss Cambridge-but not the debt i'd be in if i did still live there! Ely's lack of shopping can sometimes drive me crazy! Love Ely in the summer though, the market is cool and being down by the river. But too many new homes and not enough services. How about you?

Phonicsangel Sun 25-Nov-07 23:05:29

Hello... smile glad that someone else found the fen site I was giving up looking ..
So how many children do you have ? & what do you think to Ely ? hmm

james79 Sat 24-Nov-07 20:08:40

Hellloooo! I am also local to Ely!!

Phonicsangel Sun 11-Nov-07 22:47:18

Really pleased that Ely has a homepage of it's own smile Only two of us on here at the moment shock Thought i would be the first to add a note to say hi.. hmm

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