London to Cambridgeshire???

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K1LF Wed 26-Apr-17 09:00:15


We are looking to make a move from London to Cambridgeshire within the next 12 months. My husband will still be working in London. We are looking for suggestions of villages/locations to live that will give my husband access to a train station with direct links into London, so Royston, St Neots, or even him going from Cambridge station(he doesn't want more than a 15 min drive to station). Also anywhere we should avoid!! I will be travelling into Cambridge for Schools each day. I have a 2 year old. Any nice family villages?? Also nursery/prep school suggestions always welcome for the future.

Thanks in advance!smile

CamsSquirrel Wed 26-Apr-17 12:38:29

How about Waterbeach? It has a station with a direct line to King's Cross (goes via Cambridge) and easy access to Cambridge either by train or bike (towpath by the river). Only potential downside is the new town that is being planned on the former barracks on the edge of the village.
Otherwise, the Shelfords are very popular and probably a little bit more middle-class than Waterbeach (deli, Waitrose nearby etc) but the train connection to London is a bit slower. The Shelfords are also more like a suburb of Cambridge now so it depends whether you want a more rural setting or not. Everywhere around Cambridge is under development though so things are changing!

CaveMum Sun 16-Jul-17 15:39:21

The train from Ely into King's Cross is just over an hour (some trains are direct and others need a change at Cambridge) so you could consider that side of things. Or there is the newly opened Cambridge North station which opens up the possibility of places on that side of Cambridge.

Just be aware that Cambridge traffic can be a nightmare if you're going to be driving daily.

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