Problems with Tinies nanny agency

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Jomills28 Fri 19-Jun-15 14:59:14

Hi all,

I am looking for some support. We recently used Tinies nanny agency in Cambridge as I was returning to work and needed some help with my ds's. Tinies sent us a nanny who was here for four days and then left. She was a terrible nanny, asked my 7 year old to change my 2 year olds soiled nappy and I found my 4 year old on his own outside our house when I came home from work amongst other things. Instead of apologising and offering a refund (they pressured us for £500 on the day the nanny started) they are refusing to take my calls or refund the money and are very bullying in their manner. We are going to pursue it through the small claims court but the whole experience has been really stressful and very upsetting and I just wondered if anyone could offer us any advice/support or had a similar experience as I feel very vulnerable after the way our family and children have been treated and am struggling to trust employing another nanny. I have asked around Cambridge and other mums have experienced difficulties with them too but I don't understand why they are refusing to give us the money back.

jacs10 Sun 16-Aug-15 15:03:25

That's a terrible thing to experience. Could you report them to the local authority as they certify these nurseries/ agencies are fit for practice.

As for the monies owed, you may have to go down the small claims court to hopefully be to get it awarded to you!

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