Group meet up Ely :)

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KimberleyH85 Fri 31-May-13 19:37:45

Hi everyone

I'm new to mumsnet so please be gentle! grin

I've volunteered to try to organise some group meet ups in the Ely area, I just wondered if anyone would be interested? Or if anyone has an idea of what they would like to do if there was a group meetup.

I've lived in Ely for just over 2 years now, I don't have many friends around here at the moment which I was hoping to change smile I have an 11month old son, he is my first, and he would also like to make some new friends!

Would love to hear your ideas brew wine smile

clazy1989 Sat 15-Jun-13 20:15:11

Heya. I've lived in Ely for about 9 months and expecting my first baby in July. I'd be really interested in meet ups! All my friends are from my work in Cambridge, none of them have kids and will all be at work in day and live in Cambridge so I'm worried about getting lonely!

RachelJ1 Mon 17-Jun-13 12:51:59

Hi both!
Iv just moved to Littleport from Cambridge and am in the same situation as you due july..friends in cambs but all working so worried about being lonely..would love to meet up smile

KimberleyH85 Mon 17-Jun-13 13:52:04

Hi Clazy1989 & RachelJ1
Glad to hear from you both, cheered my day up smile
Would you like to meet up before you little ones are due or after?! I remember towards the end it was effort to even get dressed never mind go and meet up with people!!!
Do either of you know what you're having? I was too impatient and found out at my 20week scan!
There is someone else who has joined the meet-up group, so when I hear back about when is best for you both I will arrange something grin brew

RachelJ1 Mon 17-Jun-13 16:57:51

Hi Kimberley!
I am quite happy either way tbh..i am due July 4th but baby is very big according to growth scans so maybe induced early! Im having a boy..found out at the 20 week scan but with all the extra scans it would have been impossible not to notice!
I am verh slow and waddling at the moment but it is nice to get out and about!

KimberleyH85 Mon 17-Jun-13 20:13:19

Haha good job you didn't want it a secret! smile
Sounds like it won't be long before he's here then, how exciting.
I'll pop a afternoon coffee on the group meet up bit for early next week then, hopefully you will last until then grin x

clazy1989 Wed 19-Jun-13 19:38:06

Heya! Yeah I can meet at nero next week. Really looking forward to it as have a lot of time on my hands! I don't have a clue what I'm having, but everyone is telling me it's a boy! We'll see when it pops out! smile x

butterfliesbelly Thu 20-Jun-13 12:38:53

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Hi Ely lady's did you ever meet up?

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