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SuperGlumFairy Thu 24-May-12 14:16:18

Hi there,
I am looking to be moving to Ely in the next 2-3 months from Australia. I was wondering if anyone had any experience/feedback on Ely College? I have a daughter who will turn 14 on the first day of the school year, she is a very bright student, though a bit shy and want to make sure we are choosing a good school for her.
I have read the OFSTED, which wasn't as amazing as I would have liked for her but I know there was a new Head Mistress who seemed to be shaking things up a bit and that overall the College was improving at a good rate. The OFSTED was from 2010 so a little outdated for my liking so I would rather from people who might have kids there themselves, or know of kids that go there.
The College site almost seems to suggest there are some behavioural problems there and I wondered if that was true, and if so how bad?
I know I could look into Soham Village College or Witchford but I am not really convinced as a single mum of 3 that I am going to be able to afford that option long term with bus fares.
Any advice on schools would be great. I also have twin 8 year olds that I need to get into one of the Ely Primary schools so if anyone can advise on those also that would be wonderful. Sounds like even living in the catchment area won't necessarily get us in, which as a non-driver bothers me a lot.

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