New Mum of 5 month old needs to make friends with other Mum's in the area :)

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Mooresparkles Sun 05-Sep-10 17:40:42

Hi All,
I am a new Mum and relatively new to the area (we moved to Ely a couple of years ago but I was working very long hours in Cambridge for the first part of it so am only counting the latter!).
I would really like to meet some other Mums in the area but I am not sure where to start.
We missed out on the antenatal classes because I was very poorly and spent most of the pregnancy in bed and our dd struggled with colic so it was difficult to get out and about with her in the first few months.
Anyway my baby girl is now 5 months old and generally a very happy little soul and as I am starting to feel half human again after the trauma of pregnancy I thought it would be nice for the two of us to get out and about a bit and make some new friends.
Is there anyone else in the around Ely/St Ives/Huntingdon that fancies meeting for a coffee one day? Maybe someone who has some good ideas on what you can do in this part of Cambridge with a little one (they must be getting tired of seeing us at the library!! .
We are going to be going on holiday for a couple of weeks so would be looking to arrange something in Oct/Nov time.

Odysseus Mon 06-Sep-10 12:42:04

Hi, I organise a drinks thing for new Mums in Ely, between 20-40 yummy mummies come along so it's a good way to meet people - message me your email address if you're interested x

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