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lynniep Mon 07-Sep-09 14:28:58

Would just like to recommend Fenland Garage Doors. I had a broken spring on garage door. Called them and they said they'd call back with appointment (took them about a week to return the call which was a bit longer than I'd hoped though)

Arrived within the two hour window they'd given - quoted for the problem immediately - and stated if I wanted it done there and then that was fine as long as the part was in the van, otherwise they could order and come back another time.

Fixed in about 20 minutes, 1 year guarantee on the spring. Can pay immmediately cash or cheque, or call up the office and pay on the phone by card.

Can I just say that I'd previously got a quote from another company (CD garage doors Brampton) who told me that both springs were broken and the quote was much higher. Whilst I thought it was only one spring, I had no reason not to believe them. Clearly that wasnt right as Fenland replaced one and the door is fine now - I can get in there finally!

I think they cover a wide area. I'm in Godmanchester but they are based in Norfolk. Just google for website or chek local papers for local numbers.

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