Any experience of Butterfly Day Nursery?

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Mapleleaf134 Thu 27-Aug-09 22:14:14

Hello all,

I'm trying to find a nursery place for my son for early Feb, but not having much luck due to the baby boom this year! I've tentatively got a place at Butterfly, though. That they have spaces made me a bit wary, as did their Ofsted report, which was disappointing. The baby room had a nice feel to it, though, and as we're desperate, I've signed up. Does anyone have any experience of this nursery, good or bad? Much appreciated - I'm feeling quite distressed by the thought of putting my son somewhere less than ideal!

mooki Thu 10-Sep-09 23:48:55

I have two friends whose children go there and they seem very happy. I can ask more specific questions if you'd like.

Mapleleaf134 Fri 11-Sep-09 09:45:03

Thanks mooki. Most of the problems seem to be with the older kids, while my ds will be in the baby room. I'd be very interested to know what ages your friend's children are, so what rooms they've been in. Thanks very much!

mooki Fri 11-Sep-09 22:10:47

They are both now two, I think they started at about 1 year and 18 months.

I know that my friend's DD did change rooms as she was the oldest/biggest in the one she started in. Maybe therefore she went from the baby room to the toddler room? (My DD is at a childminder so I'm not au fait with the rooms thing.)

Also my other friend's DS was quite a shy young chap and she was very worried about putting him in nursery but he seems to have settled well. They are moving this year and now she's worried about taking him out!

mooki Wed 16-Sep-09 21:51:00

ok, I asked the two friends and one kindly replied (her DS is leaving the nursery as they are moving house out of Cambridge):

We were really pleased with the Butterfly. I couldn't recommend it highly enough for the age group DS was there 12-26 months. I don't know about the baby bit and I have a feeling they could do with a wee bit more space (indoor and outdoor) as the children get older and bigger. The staff are a nice mixture of buzzy youngsters and experienced older carers. DS created some very special bonds while he was there and there were lots of tears all round when he left which took me by surprise a bit.

His key worker and some of the other carers are very keen for him to come back and visit lots when we are around which is a nice way to leave. Considering he was only a part time attender I was really touched by how sad they were to see him go.

I think it is a good place for a more nervous mum like me because it is so small and the atmosphere suitably affectionate. Having said that he has had lots of exciting development opportunities there too which he has enjoyed, remembered and talked about.

His favourite was the visit from the fire engine and the ambulance but he's planted his own tubs of flowers, tomatoes and things and been on a teddy bear's picnic which he's also enjoyed.

Anyway. Lovely nursery. No criticisms.

Mapleleaf134 Thu 24-Sep-09 22:31:18

Mooki - sorry, I've been away! Thank you so much (and to your friend, also)! This is so helpful and really puts my mind at ease. My son will be almost 1 when he starts, so same age group.

Many thanks again! x

Atzan Fri 25-Sep-09 10:49:40

Thanks, Mooki. Our DD (1 year) starts at Butterfly in a few weeks so its reassuring to read your post!

LaCerbiatta Fri 25-Sep-09 10:56:55

I've heard good things too. I knew someone who took her children from Snap to put them in Butterfly because it was so much better. Although Snap has gone seriously down hill recently, my dd attended it for 1 year and it wasn't that bad so I suppose Butterfly is a lot better!.

Slimcognito Wed 25-Nov-09 22:09:26

Can I just bump this?

Has anyone got any recent experience of Butterfly or the Cambridge Day Nursery on Milton Road?

coolma Thu 26-Nov-09 19:43:11

My dd is at Cambridge day nursery and it is really really lovely. I was initally nervous because they'd had a bad ofsted but I am now so happy she's there. Tiny classes, lovely staff and she adores it! How old is your dc?

Slimcognito Thu 26-Nov-09 21:04:37


I have had my reservations about his current place but his key worker has been good with him and he has got a great pal, so I haven't wanted to uproot him since it is just a couple of mornings a week. Weighing it up, it seemed better not to upset the status quo.

However, I have begun to feel that the staff aren't motivated and seem always a bit tired/bored and that makes me a bit annoyed, really. I want better for him.

I guess it's fine for a bit of a play and rough and tumble with other kids his own age for a few hours each week, but coming up to preschool I really want something better all round.

coolma Fri 27-Nov-09 11:51:40

I'd recommend going and having a look round CDN, my dd is in the preschool room and she does French, dancing, they have fabulous food, and it's generally a really loving and caring place.

Slimcognito Fri 27-Nov-09 14:49:11

I will go and have a look, it sounds the kind of thing I am looking for, those kind of things are important to me.

I just looked at their Ofsted report - gosh it is pretty bad isn't it? I don't know how they work things out though, I know our current nursery had a similarly bad ofsted report last year and have just had another one which showed as much improved - but I honestly can't tell any difference at all. I think the difference now is that they keep better records of all the stuff they are supposed to do for the EYFS so they are form filling and pushing the right buttons when questioned, but has the standard of care actually improved? I'm not so sure in this case (our current nursery, not CDN).

Similarly, I'm sure it must be possible for all the things that don't exist at our current nursery to exist somewhere else and for that place to get a bad ofsted report for various reasons.

For example, I like a bit of structure to the day - time for free play, leader led group time, chat time, art time etc. But the big thing these days is to just let them pick whatever they want to do and move from activity to activity as the kids like. The result can be a chaotic IMHO.

The Ofsted report does make me worry a bit though, as some of the 4's were not just about implementation of the EYFS.

coolma Fri 27-Nov-09 14:56:35

It has changed an awful lot since then - when I first went to visit I commented on it and was assured that things were different, and they certainly seem to be. No-one took their child away, and the place is just so happy! Rachel is the new manager and she seems to very much in control of everything. Let me know what you think1

vaximaxi Fri 02-Nov-12 16:49:43


The topic seems to be frozen for a while now. However, I am wondering what the Butterfly Nursery is like nowadays? Any good or bad experience? It seems that this is the only nursery in our area with available places for 3 yr olds (pre-school).
I would appreciate any comments as I am desparate to find a good place for my daughter.

cbmum Mon 05-Nov-12 19:35:24

Hi. I've got 2 children at BDN and both are happy and settled. Pm if you want more info.

Solsdad Tue 21-Oct-14 13:50:45

At Butterfly Day Nursery, the ladies in charge of taking care of the children were all very friendly and did a brilliant job, making my son look forward to go there 3 times a week.
It's really a shame that the management did an equally good job of destroying that work.

First, there was the constant demand for extra cash. Examples include forcing every parent to pay £5 for a "special" sunscreen (which ended up being a cheap supermarket brand) and, when returning my last childcare vouchers which I had forgotten to cancel, 45 pennies were deducted because of some left over balance.
It's quite telling that, after the tens of thousands of pounds we've paid over the years, the manager still felt necessary to claim these 45p.

Another example was, when my son, aged 20 months, fell at the nursery and bumped his head against the sharp corner of a cupboard and he had to be taken to A&E (he still has that scar on his forehead).
While the lady in charge of my son was very apologetic, the manager's reaction was much more very defensive.
We asked that any sharp furniture be removed from the baby's room, but the manager insisted that the room was perfectly baby proof, instead blaming my son for having deformed legs!
My wife, being a physiotherapist, had to explain how my son's legs were perfectly normal and how he had been walking fine for over 6 months.
In the end, the sharp furniture was removed only after a second incident occurred...

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