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birdyk Wed 12-Aug-09 21:20:01

Does anyone know of a pilates class for people with bumps? Have tried to contact a few in Cambridge but haven't managed to find a class that is on at the moment or can accommodate pregnant people! Any help would be great....

RedLollyYellowLolly Wed 12-Aug-09 21:33:37

These people come highly recommended by physios.

I do regular Pilates with the associated company (which is run by my physio) and I rate highly also.

No idea re spaces though. Prob quite booked up I suspect.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 12-Aug-09 21:39:04

don't know of pilates, but can thoroughly recommend the Birthlight Yoga (Sally Lomas) if you can't find any pilates classes. smile

DoreenRosemary Thu 13-Aug-09 14:08:00

SAFFRON WALDEN feedback. I hope this reaches people who live in or around Saffron Walden (I am new to mumsnet). I am thinking about moving into Saffron Walden (my other half already has - long and boring story). I have spent a couple of weeks there and clearly its a nice town with good schools but I am very wary of how quite it seems to be particularly at weekends. Last Sunday we thought we'd eat out and everywhere was empty - well there were a few people in "Ask". We also spent the weekend viewing houses in surrounding villages (Great Chesterford, Linton and others) and there was no-one around. It was eerily quiet. No children, no-one in their gardens. No smell of BBQ smoke. Nothing. I did see lots of people in the town during the week and lots of lovely children in the library (which was also lovely) but on Sunday afternoon - it was a ghost town. Where do people go and what do people do at the weekends? Moving would be great for my husband, it would be great for my daughter (in terms of her education) but I am worried about what I could do in any spare time I might get. Any information especially from people who have moved into Saffron Walden or surrounding areas would be very helpful.

RedLollyYellowLolly Thu 13-Aug-09 14:48:50

Hi Doreen. I live in a village nearer to Cambridge than SW but do pop into SW occasionally. Agree it's a bit quiet on a Sunday, especially for eating out etc. Much livelier on a Sat when the market is on.

Without knowing what you are comparing it to it's hard to give a proper opinion as to whether you would be bored. I think it's probably comparable to most market towns. Cambridge is busy and bustling on a Sat - but it's a city...

I'm sure there must be groups etc you could join in the week. Would you be a SAHM?


DoreenRosemary Thu 13-Aug-09 22:19:32

Hello "RYYL" - Firstly I laughed when you referred to me as "Doreen". I should have thought up a better Nickname. Doreen is my "other name" when I'm playing "ladies" with my daughter (she's Rosemary). Anyway, thank you for your reply. I am from a city (Edinburgh and London) but I am not expecting city life its just that I was expecting some life. I thought kids would have been swinging on their front gates bored or expected to see abondoned scooters and the sound of children's voices (well any voices would have been nice). I was just frighted by the fact that ALL of the pubs in Saffron Walden were empty on Sunday afternoon despite offering Sunday roasts. On Saturday afternoon there wasn't anyone around in the villages we drove through. The common on Saffron Walden was fairly empty on Sunday. It just felt worrying because you think about moving to a new area and making friends etc. I would be a SAHM initially yes until I found a suitable job. Can you recommend other villages/towns to look at up to Cambridge?

childrenchildreneverywhere Sat 15-Aug-09 18:47:55

I live in Saffron Walden and have to say on a Sunday we tend to stay in our garden and have a lazy day! perhaps meeting up with friends, or going to a local NT property (lots here) for picnics/bike riding.

SW itself is very busy on a Saturday (market) and the common is often hos to a funday etc.. throughout the summer, the common gets lots of use but by no means equivalent to a city common, so I don't think you can really compare it to Cambridge/London etc...there is a great community atmosphere though with lots of events (e.g: coming up we have dancing in the square - live band and free dancing).

SW centre pubs are pretty dire for food (or if the food is OK they are shockingly expensive) so most locals avoid them for Sunday roasts and head off to a local village one (we favour a pub in Ashdon for Sunday roasts) most good village pubs are bursting on Sundays and you can't get in unless you book.

Great Chesterford is lovely, in particular in October when they have the "steam up" event (steam engines/old fashioned street fayre) - but it is still a quiet village! I'm not personally keen on Linton. I think if you want hustle and bustle you're best heading for Cambridge itself. Personally I love living here and can't see us ever moving but I like my peace and the quiet, friendly community feel here.

childrenchildreneverywhere Sat 15-Aug-09 18:48:41

Oh and I second the recommendation for perfectly pregnant pilates. I'm doula/antenatal teacher and many, many of my clients have used her and recommended.

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