Cambridge day nursery, Milton road..

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coolma Fri 07-Aug-09 10:22:03

...Just round the corner from my workplace, so am seriously considering sending dd3 there - two of my staff have their children there and I'm going to visit Monday. Anyone have any knowledge of it?


RedLollyYellowLolly Fri 07-Aug-09 21:01:05

I have a friend who uses it.

We haven't discussed it recently. When we last spoke about it (at Christmas) they had just had a fairly dodgy Ofsted report. Friend was worried about this but didn't necessarily relate it to the experience she felt she had with them.


coolma Fri 07-Aug-09 21:10:01

Yes, I read the ofsted and was a bit concerned but the girls at work are very enthusiastic about it - there is a french session every week which was quite appealing..

Carmel206 Sat 08-Aug-09 11:52:21

I checked it out some time ago ( but ended up not using it) I don't know if it is still the same but the food they proposed offering was a bit worrying and all cooked centrally someplace and shipped in. I thought - at the time I saw it - a couple of years ago so it amy be vastly improved now that it could do with a good clean ...sorry

coolma Sat 08-Aug-09 12:06:47

They cook their own food on the premises now, so hopefully that's improved! Anyway, I'll have a good nose look round!

RedLollyYellowLolly Sat 08-Aug-09 12:52:27

I think the Ofsted inspector caught them when they had a lot of temps in.

Wonder if you work with my friend? smile

coolma Sat 08-Aug-09 14:02:44

who's that then? Be cryptic if you like.... wink

Claire2301 Tue 11-Aug-09 14:02:57

Hey Coolma, the person I suggested for you works there- she would prob give you a very honest opinion if you wanted it! French is good- there are a lot of french speaking families in Cambridge.

coolma Tue 11-Aug-09 17:36:23

oooh, that's handy to know - I'll email her tonight!

Claire2301 Tue 11-Aug-09 18:09:42

:-) Hopefully you'll get the review you are hoping for. Belive she is generally in the baby rooms but sure she could give you an overall opinion.

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