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DoreenRosemary Wed 06-May-09 21:05:20

My husband is moving to Saffron Walden with the view that we will move in due course. We have been split between Edinburgh and London and he has spent the last year trying to find somewhere nice for us to live. He loves Saffron Walden and on a couple of visits it does seem a nice town (although a bit quiet?)I am having some trouble with schools though as my daughter starts school in August in Scotland but her year have already started in England. I have contacted a number of local schools who have told me there are no spaces - hence I have not quite packed up to move down. It may be that we have to look at private school options (despite it financially being a struggle) and I wondered whether anyone could provide views on the Friends School or Dame Bradburys?

Also, information on local classes like Brownies, gymnastics, ballet. All things that my daughter has attended or will attend here. With thanks in advance for any information.

Lilymaid Wed 06-May-09 21:11:11

Bumping for you as I live near, but not in SW. There's a recent thread and a very long old thread about moving to SW.

Millarkie Thu 07-May-09 21:26:51

There are a few ballet schools in SW, there is a gymnastics club on Saturdays at County High school I believe (but may be a waiting list) and there are Brownie troups around but I know nothing about them
There is a great little local magazine called Salad Days - if you CAT me I can post you a copy (or tell your dh to get into the tourist information office in the market square and ask for a copy!)
I've answered your question about Friends school on your other thread, but have you tried ringing Essex local education authority and asking which schools have spaces? (saves ringing round all the schools). Some of the village schools have good ofsteds too, Clavering, Rickling Green etc.

AThornton84 Tue 08-Sep-09 13:40:41


I've just moved to Saffron Walden as well and would love to meet up with some other mum's. I have a daughter who is coming up for 2 so if any mums would like to meet up please give me a shout.

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