Sancton Wood / Baby Unicorns?

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aliperi Fri 06-Mar-09 12:29:25

Anybody knows anything about Sancton Wood / Baby Unicorns please?

DS is 11 months and has just started childminders 3 wks ago. I'm very happy with her but would love for him to go to Sancton Wood. Is is really hard to get a place?

I've been told it's easier if they go to Baby Unicorns, but I work FT and they only open during term it's a lot of holidays to cover.

Any help/advice will be very appreciated :-)

cazzybabs Fri 06-Mar-09 21:58:47

well i have put dd3 down for baby unicorns...been nearly waiting a year of a place however the school (from what rumours I have heard) is not over subscibed and therefore not hard to get a place - true for this next acedemic year

aliperi Sat 07-Mar-09 12:28:39

thank you cazzybabs. I would rather he started at 3 as I work FT and would find it very hard to cover for school holidays. Going round for a visit next week. Hope we can get a place for him.

mrsrackle Wed 01-Apr-09 13:48:46

my daughter, who is 2 and a half, has recently started at baby unicorns at the international school in Cherry Hinton Hall, which is part of the same outfit. She's loving it and we're very happy with the set up. It's quite small and the staff seem really enthusiastic and engaged. I think they have some places open for next term but they will be taking children from 3 and up in September, so something to think about for the future.

umf Thu 25-Jun-09 10:39:28

My ds has been at Baby Unicorns for 6 months and I'm v pleased with it.

The short days and school holidays are difficult with fulltime work, even if you are doing something flexible like a postdoc. I guess it's grown out of the playgroup tradition rather than being set up as childcare for working parents.

But they do run a 'holiday club' for part of each vacation and halfterm, so it's not as bad as it seems.

We had to find somewhere at short notice and BU was so lovely that I decided would have to try to make the timings work.

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