Thinking of moving to Saffron Walden/Sewards End

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horts2 Sun 17-Jun-07 20:39:00

Well, this will probably get a very select audience, but if anyone has opinions on the area (especially preshool stuff), I'd really like to hear it. Seems like I'm contemplating a big step without much info. Have a DD (1 yr) and a baby due in Sept. Thanks ever so much!

Gizmo Wed 20-Jun-07 15:40:47

I'm sure there is a long thread on this very subject, Horts, somewhere on the main boards. Have you done a search?

Other than that I'm not going to be terribly helpful, I'm afraid, because I only know Saffron Walden as a day trip. Very pretty....but I guess you know that already

Gizmo Wed 20-Jun-07 15:54:01

Found it! You need this

mouseman Wed 20-Jun-07 23:39:27

Hi, there are a few of us here from the SW area. What do you need to know?

horts2 Mon 02-Jul-07 14:13:39

Ooh, hello. Lovely to get some answers. I have found the big long thread, so will trawl through that for answers to my specific questions. We have put in an offer on a house so, all being well, we will be moving to SW, but probably going to hold off until nipper 2 arrives in early Sept. (I know it will be a bit mad moving with two babies, but figure doing the birth bit here, where I know what's what, will be easier.) When we do arrive, I'll be after toddler stuff and poss. nursery place for dd (now 1) and baby groups for ds (still on his way). And some friends!

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