Primary school - in order of preference

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Snapdrag0n Tue 25-Apr-17 16:13:53

We have a choice of 3 primary schools for DD based on our catchment area (starting reception 2018). What are parents other thoughts on Queen Emma, Saint Albans and Morley Memorial?

mastertomsmum Thu 27-Apr-17 07:34:47

St Alban's is the Catholic primary, so not a catchment school as such. I've generally heard good things about it. I did hear that their after school club was full last autumn and could not take any new pupils. This is not a concept I've ever come across before so they have maybe now adjusted their club to meet needs.

Morley is a small site and has been a very popular school for many years. I think it maintains its reputation as a good school. It's one of the schools that has a fair number of pupils transferring to private schools at prep school age after Yr 2.

Queen Emma is a relative newcomer and has been a popular choice over other catchment schools like Ridgefield and Queen Edith's.

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