Secondary schools - choosing between Trumpington and Parkside

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ThirtySevenA Fri 03-Mar-17 14:57:23

My son got a Y7 place at Parkside for this September but has now been offered a place at Trumpington as well from the reserve list. Can anyone help me make the choice?!?!

Trumpington was first choice because of the amazing facilities and buildings. We were worried about lack of space at Parkside - my son is super sporty. So we're tempted to take the Trumpington place.

I'm anxious though that it's hard to know anything about how the school is getting on since it only opened in September. Does anyone know anything about it? I read on a thread a few months ago that there were some disruptive kids there. Does anyone have any inside info on that? And what teaching standards are like?

Also I'm a little suspicious that a place came up at Trumpington from the reserve list within two days when my son was tenth on the list. Does this mean that local parents know something which is causing them to reject places? We live in Newnham and don't know anybody in that area.

Really grateful for any help ASAP.

HereIAm20 Fri 03-Mar-17 17:40:56

Parkside has a really good reputation and a good sixth form and people try to move into catchment. It would be difficult to turn down a place there in favour of an "untested" school.

PS> I live in Cambridge. DS is at The Perse. Parkside would be my choice if he was not at an independent.

HereIAm20 Fri 03-Mar-17 17:42:40

Oops hadn't appreciated they were affiliated.

Camoosh Sat 04-Mar-17 09:47:22

I wouldn't worry about lack of sports space at Parkside, true they have to do their PE lessons etc on Parker's Piece but the sports clubs are divided between the two schools so they cycle up to Trumpington to use the good indoor facilities there or over to Coleridge for rugby and football.

ThirtySevenA Sat 04-Mar-17 10:48:46

Thanks for the replies. I guess what I really want to know is (1) what's it actually like at Trumpington and (2) how do the less academically confident kids get on at Parkside? It's very hard to turn down a place at Parkside (I went there myself many years ago) but my son already thinks his teachers think he's stupid, and I worry that the hothouse environment there will finish him off. Is there proper support for the kids who find it harder? Also if he can't run around at break times or he feels claustrophobic in the space he'll be a nightmare in class.

WilderRose Sat 04-Mar-17 14:07:05

Mmm- I actually have no 1st hand knowledge of either school.
However, visit both and make a decision on your view now- not historic reputation or gossip.
Good luck whatever you decide.

AfricanBigElephant Sat 04-Mar-17 22:55:02

I've heard that they made a mistake and 75 children should have been allocated rather than the 60 indicated on the letter, so that probably explains why you got a place. There wouldn't have been enough time for parents to reject places.

I've also heard that the behavioural issues happened while the children were still at Parkside and were dealt with pretty swiftly.

For what it's worth we were very undecided but went for Trumpington in the end. Our reasons were the sports facilities and proximity to home but also very good feedback from a neighbour whose son is there since September and is very happy with the teaching, the clubs and the facilities.

It is indeed an unknown but we decided to take the risk and put our faith in it!

HereIAm20 Wed 08-Mar-17 20:38:38

Trumpington is part of the Parkside Federation though so I am sure they will be doing all they can to ensure it does well.

mastertomsmum Wed 15-Mar-17 13:47:29

We liked Trumpington when we visited and placed it second on our list.

One of the best things about it is that they encourage plenty of afterschool which extends the alarmingly short school day. Parkside are out before 3pm, likewise Coleridge.

HereIAm20 Sun 30-Apr-17 20:57:16

Parkside just got an Outstanding Ofsted as reported in this week's Cambridge Evening News

WilderRose Mon 01-May-17 09:12:41

Visiting both schools still seems the best option, whatever the ofsted....

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