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jsp56 Sun 26-Feb-17 21:25:54


I wondered if anyone could give me a brief summary of the characteristics of the local independent primary schools in Cambridge?

I'm wondering really if there is one where the kids are given time to think and to properly grasp the details of things like addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, without being constantly driven to hit targets and prepare for the SATs?

My ds is always worried and confused by the urgency of completing pages of sums using number lines and techniques that he hasn't quite grasped and I keep wondering if there is a school somewhere that still does cuisinaire rods and has a sense of proportion about how much a child really needs to achieve by yesterday at the very latest.


Cammumm Thu 02-Mar-17 08:53:44

I don't think any of the independent schools do SATs so you can avoid those by going private. Most of the main ones in Cambridge (Perse, St John's, Kings, Leys) are at least partially selective and do push kids with a view to sending them on to academic upper schools at 11 or 13, with competitive entrance exams. Sanction Wood or the International school might be a bit different

HereIAm20 Wed 08-Mar-17 20:45:38

Heritage may also suit your DS

mastertomsmum Wed 15-Mar-17 13:44:39

My son was in Pre Prep at St Faith's and it was ok, especially for the sporty child.

I would not touch the Prep with a bargepole as - unless anything has changed in the last 2 years - Yrs 3 and 4 are shambolic and under resourced for the everyday learning of English and Maths.

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