1:1 swimming lessons wanted

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terrifictoddlers Sat 25-Feb-17 08:11:52

Any swim teachers out there that can offer 1:1 swim lessons (at a reasonable price) for 5 year old. Or does anyone know of any?? Son has been waiting on wait list for 1:1 at park side for a year. Impington seemed a better bet - but that too is taking a while to materialise.

Pool in central, north or west of Cambridge, or somewhere up the A14 towards Huntingdon, most convenient

Thanks for any help at all smile

MrsDallowaySaid Sat 25-Feb-17 08:23:47

A friend uses Elite swimming, they use all different pools around the city. Haven't get used them myself but thinking of a crash course for May half term for my six year old.

SicilianOlives Sat 25-Feb-17 08:59:30

Have sent you a PM with the lady that we use at Abbey Pool if that helps.

terrifictoddlers Sat 25-Feb-17 09:05:02

Thank you MrsDallowaySaid

Unfortunately, elite 1:1's are too pricey for us at the moment sad (plus he had a bit of a bad experience in the elite group lessons once, which put us off a bit).

Son loves swimming and has group lessons at Parkside which he really enjoys. However, most of the others in his class seem older and get the hang of the strokes more quickly. My son is particularly struggling to get the hang of the butterfly legs on tummy thing they do! And breast stroke legs on back! He just stays in one place, while everyone laps him! I don't want him to get disheartened and loose his love of the water. The teacher is very good and trying hard and being v patient, but is not in the water and is limited by the size of the group. I'd love some 1:1's for him to help him get up to speed with the strokes, to help him feel more confident smile (My son also loves underwater swimming, which he can't do in a group - but a 1:1 teacher might help him do, and do some fun stuff with him too, which he'd love!)

terrifictoddlers Sat 25-Feb-17 09:06:05

Thanks sicilianolives, sorry just seen your post, will check out your messsge, thank you

GirtonGirl Sat 25-Feb-17 09:24:36

He's only 5 so mastering butterfly might be beyond him at the moment.
You could try Chesterton sports centre on Gilbert Road. They have group lessons but some swim teachers also do individual lessons. And they have a free car park plus a nice cafe upstairs.

terrifictoddlers Sat 25-Feb-17 09:52:54

Thanks girtongirl

SiliconJen Sat 25-Feb-17 12:53:40

We do 1:1 at Impington and it's very good. We had to wait about a term to get a space. We changed from Elite as we had a mixed experience with them.

One of the best things about 1:1 is that there isn't the usual battle of 30 children trying to use the showers at once.

terrifictoddlers Sat 25-Feb-17 16:32:12

Good to know Siliconjen, thanks

PippaFawcett Sat 25-Feb-17 21:40:27

terrifictoddlers, what stage is in in? My son is also 5 and swims at Parkside and we swam elsewhere for two years previously. He has been in stage 3 for about two years! The standards at Parkside appear to be higher, which I think makes them better swimmers, but it does appear that they spend longer finessing each technique. My DS will probably be in stage 3 for quite a bit longer as he just doesn't appear physically able to do what is required of him to go up to 4. But he still enjoys it and lessons are about enjoying swimming as you mention upthread. I had no idea the wait for 1-2-1s was so long!

terrifictoddlers Sat 25-Feb-17 23:11:17

Hi pippafawcett

My son is in stage 3 as well. He loves it and I like the teacher! I don't mind how long he stays that stage! But I just feel really sorry for him (and his teacher!) watching him struggle to grasp the strokes (and taking the teachers time from the other kids) and literally getting no-where as others swim by!!! Stage 2 is quite a lot more basic, and he was bored in that class! would b nice if there was a stage 2.5 !! Or a stage 3 just for little-ones (who I dont think can co-ordinate themselves or understand enough to manage with the teacher out of the pool! as the older kids can!) smile

PippaFawcett Sat 25-Feb-17 23:14:48

I wouldn't worry too much, I think some of it will be just waiting for them to get bigger and more physically able. Have you thought about doing one of the crash courses in the holidays instead?

neolar Sun 26-Feb-17 09:16:16

Seals swimming classes are excellent.. Suspect he would make brilliant progress with them in a normal class.

terrifictoddlers Tue 28-Feb-17 00:37:38

Thanks Neolar

Thanks everyone for the tips and advice. Lots of food for thought and leads to consider

Appreciated, thanks

jsp56 Wed 01-Mar-17 23:18:01

When are the holiday crash courses and how do we find out about them? Thanks!

PippaFawcett Thu 02-Mar-17 11:46:23

They have a list at the reception at Parkside, give them a ring or ask if you already have lessons there. I think they are the first week of the holidays this time.

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