Perse Prep versus SPF Junior

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ShiningSmile Fri 03-Feb-17 22:01:51

Hello everyone! We are moving to Cambridge and are interested in the Perse Prep and SPF Junior (Year-3). I know both are very good (possibly the best two in Cambridge??). Each has its own pros and cons. But, which one would be better for a girl (good at reading, writing, maths, keen on various musical instruments, not very sporty)?

Would anyone please share your thoughts/experience? Any comments would be very much appreciated.

01gransden Fri 07-Apr-17 17:03:27

My daughter personally had a great experience at SPF junior school and as the same wonderful Katie Milne is still in charge I don't expect it to have changed much. The school excels academically but does not feel pressurising, my daughter was offered lots of extension work but equally there were others who were offered a lot of support, the school really does cater for all academic abilities. Sports wise the teaching is good but when my daughter was there at least it was certainly not a main focus and if it's not your daughters favourite thing I don't think she would be doing a huge amount as too get sick of it. Perse on the other hand I believe places a lot more emphasis on sport so that may be a factor you want to consider if you don't think she'd enjoy doing a lot. The junior school has group music lessons for all students and students can pay extra for individual lessons in a huge number of instruments which are held at the senior school, there are also regular mini concerts where your daughter could practice performing and when my daughter attended the whole school took part in orchestra lessons from year 4 onwards so there is certainly plenty of opportunities for her to get into music. I hope this was helpful to you

yawningdad Sun 16-Apr-17 08:20:54

Just as an aside, there are also plenty of people who do not think that either Perse Prep or SPF Junior are amongst the best two prep schools in Cambridge. People have strong opinions either way about almost every school, each has their detractors and their fans. It does depend a lot more on the personality of the child, and the parent too (eg Perse and St Johns are more cucumber sandwich and 4x4s; Kings is more socks down and mucking in). Kings is worst at sport but best at Chess and (maybe) Music. Perse has a lot of less able pupils who seem to be there to try to avoid the entrance exam to Perse senior. SPF is probably the most academic. You should really look at everywhere and see where you can imagine your child being happy.

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