Press Request - Urgent for tomorrow!

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LocalEditorCambridge Tue 06-Sep-16 14:20:15

Prime time TV - Press request *

Did you know return to school was also peak headlice time? Anyone else immediately itchy? scratches

Have your kids got headlice you can't seem to get rid of or you think they might have caught them ....? Then this request from ITV might interest you.

"TVs brand new prime time Health Series is looking for families in the Cambridge area to take part in filming Thursday 8th September for couple of hours in the afternoon to explore the facts and fictions behind the delousing market.

For more information please email or phone: 07880239468 for a confidential callback.

There will be a fee involved In return for your time."

LocalEditorCambridge Tue 06-Sep-16 14:29:20

I meant for Thursday - oops! Day ahead of myself!

mynameisnt Tue 06-Sep-16 18:35:59

Thank God we have been free for several years now! Eldest and middle used to constantly be scratching!

LocalEditorCambridge Tue 06-Sep-16 19:53:55

I think this might be one of the few occasions we're all nit free! touches wood

mynameisnt Wed 07-Sep-16 21:50:06


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