Art tuition (not crafting) for primary children

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NeverKnowinglyUnderstoodinCamb Sun 21-Aug-16 17:35:42

Is there anything in the area? Friends daughter has moved from another country where her favourite after school club was drawing and painting tuition.
Can find messy play and crafting but not actual drawing and painting tuition.
Any ideas folks?

ChestertonCharley Mon 22-Aug-16 12:17:11

Lurking with interest! You could try the "Big Draw" people (you might find it under the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, autumn half term).

romseyroo Mon 22-Aug-16 13:29:00

I'm interested too! Arty crafts (holiday club based at Newnham Croft) do a bit of drawing tuition (they had DD doing that upside down copying of a picasso sketch exercise once), but it's mostly crafts - and also only in the holidays, obviously.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstoodinCamb Tue 23-Aug-16 23:17:21

Chesterton Charlie can you give me a bit more information?

DiskFix Wed 24-Aug-16 16:06:31

A few years ago I got in touch with artist Maureen Mace because my daughter wanted lessons but from the website it looks as if she is now teaching adults only.
Could it be worth a phone call, though? She might point you in the right direction.

I've also found this artist based in Bourn:

That's about all I found. There seems to be a market niche!

CityCentre Wed 24-Aug-16 18:04:02

I'm sure there used to be some run at St Matthew's school (not just for pupils at the school, but an after school class that anyone could join). And someone doing it from their home in Mill Road area (or could be the same person). Possibly when term starts, you could ring up St Matthew's and ask who it was. Tindall's art shop also has loads of advert cards in the window for various classes - might well be some children's ones there, or you could even ask in the shop. (King Street).

WestLouise64 Wed 31-Aug-16 13:55:40

You should try Access Art for a very good drawing club, a charity based in Cambridge. see

ChestertonCharley Thu 01-Sep-16 13:09:43

Festival of Ideas: usually has a Big Draw session.

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