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Peggetty Sat 06-Aug-16 23:00:24

Last year after an expensive party at Funky Funhouse for quite a few kids, I reigned it in and we had DD's 7th birthday at home. We did crafts and games...DD says it was boring and wants to go to another venue for her 8th birthday next term. Notwithstanding the spoilt child think yourself lucky stuff....has anyone discovered a fun venue?
There have been several recent friends' parties at the Spy Missions in Bar Hill, so we don't want to go there, ditto Funky Funhouse and the Science ones.
I am wondering about painting pottery but she may find that too crafty, she loves a lot of romping/dancing.
Any ideas or recommendations very welcome. Thanks!

Catherine26 Sat 06-Aug-16 23:05:26

What about that new climbing place that's just opened clip and climb I think it is or the new trampoline place? What sort of stuff is she into? Maybe see if some of the sports centres do anything.

CodyKing Sat 06-Aug-16 23:16:46

One of DD friends had a cheerleader party - learnt a few routines!

We've also done outside lazer paint ball type plus apeman and the high nets

Most sports centres do a fun games activity -

Swimming party?

Peggetty Sun 07-Aug-16 00:01:08

Not heard of new trampoline place, will look into that.

I found a swimming party as she's asked about those, but under 8s need a lot of extra adult supervision and tbh I'd be worried about safety, not knowing how competent the friends are in the water.

CodyKing Sun 07-Aug-16 00:10:38

Where about are you?

jaynebxl Sun 07-Aug-16 06:51:33

The new clip and climb space is fun.

ChestertonCharley Tue 09-Aug-16 14:12:45

Chesterton sports centre?

LocalEditorCambridge Tue 09-Aug-16 16:14:42

We went to clip & climb and loved it - as a party venue it is at the more expensive end for birthday parties but holds 30 odd kids so you could do as a joint party.

Some local links here:

Peggetty Tue 09-Aug-16 20:37:44

Thanks everyone. Wondering about bowling as that's the cheaper end (not too flush atm) but DH says it's not worth it as she can't do it (isn't that what the rails are for?!), DD currently scared of climbing walls. Also looking into the animal parties at West Anglia College, she went to one two years ago but has forgotten most of it...but their description says only the birthday child gets to hold things, unlike when we went before.
We are South Cambs.

WindyMill Tue 09-Aug-16 21:06:40

Kelsey Kerridge does a climbing party for ~£85. And you get to use a room afterward for food. Worked well for us.

Peggetty Wed 10-Aug-16 13:14:32

Anyone used Razzamataz parties?

northofcambridge Sat 13-Aug-16 16:51:55

maybe a trip to cinema for a few of them and then pizza - the only way i have really reduced costs is to hire a hall and work very hard on activities or share with someone else

BusyBlue Mon 15-Aug-16 20:14:50

- Bowling at Tenpin- you can also do a version in the dark with lanes lit and luminous bowling balls which is fun.
- Sing Dizzy Party in a karaoke singing booth at Tenpin Cambridge Leisure- great for singing and jumping around!
- Gymnastics party at The Little Gym

SiliconJen Tue 16-Aug-16 22:00:03

Tenpin doesn't do karaoke any more sadly....

BusyBlue Wed 17-Aug-16 09:41:55

Really? They are still advertising it at Cambridge Leisure Tenpin.

Lizardc Tue 30-Aug-16 23:05:54

The little gym parties are fun.

If she wants a swimming party but you're worried about non-swimmers, hire Kings Hedges Learner Pool. Saturday or Sunday pm from 4-5 about £40ish, maybe a little bit more if you want the crocodile inflatable. Big pool, will take 30 people and only 90cm deep so they should all be in their depth hence quite safe. Depending on how far into term her birthday is and hence the weather, there's a park right outside for picnic and party tea too. We did this for my son's birthday last year and they had a fantastic time.

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