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LocalEditorCambridge Sun 08-May-16 16:40:35

Please see below email from BBC - contact me directly if you're interested or call the number at the bottom - of course it's important to point out you will be speaking independently and not representing Mumsnet or Mumsnet Cambridge.

Hi Mumsnet
The BBC is broadcasting a programme on May 19th live on air from 9am - 10.30 at the Newmarket Racecourse with guests asked to be there from 8am. The programme will be looking at the government's proposals for devolution in the East for a new combined political authority with a Mayor of East Anglia , plus devolved proposals for transport, skills , infrastructure and some extra funding of £175 million in housing.

This will have a major impact on the region. We would like to speak to a member of Mumsnet who knows the issues facing the East so may have comments either as an individual or on behalf of the organisation if appropriate about what they think of the proposals and what would be their priorities for change in the region or the key challenges/frustrations in the East .

Government proposals below and there has been widespread coverage of the issue in the local press - Eastern Daily Press and Cambridge News under News-politics.

The programme will be broadcast simultaneously in Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridgeshire so that as wide an audience as possible is reached. A government minister(George Freeman MP) together with political, education and business leaders from across the region will be taking part along with guests from specialised areas of transport, skills, as well as members of the public.

We are looking for a balanced audience in every way so would really appreciate your contribution.

If you could put this forward for urgent consideration that would be great. We need to hope to confirm guests as soon as possible .

Many thanks
Lindy Fleming
BBC Cambridge
07812 200 847

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