Moving to Cambridge - Need advice

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sshi Tue 15-Dec-15 13:44:23

Hello all,
We're considering moving to Cambridge.We currently live in South West (a very laid back atmosphere). I have no idea as how easy/difficult it would be to settle there, which are the good areas. We have 2 children 10 & 4 so proximity to good primary and secondary will be our preference. What are the good areas near Trinity Science Park? Any suggestions are much

northofcambridge Fri 18-Dec-15 11:23:23

my experience is it very easy to settle -in that is a quite a mobile population and people are used to it. Its a good place to live. however you might want to look at house prices. If I was going to work in the science park and could afford it I would probably live in Chesterton - primary and secondary school good, near town (especially by bike). And very easy trip by bike to science park. However there are loads of places that are reachable - and people commute a long way -because of house prices - for example St Ives - easy commute on guided bus -much cheaper. Have a look at the other threads about moving - have loads of ideas about schools and places to live. Also depends if more than one of you is working and where that would me.

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