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CamMom2B Thu 10-Dec-15 12:35:57

Hi Everyone. I'm 3 months pregnant but am starting to think about nurseries as I hope to return to work when the LO is 3 months. The nurseries nearby to where I live that allow young babies include Butterfly and Harvey Road. Does anyone have opinions on these nurseries or have any idea of what their waiting lists for the baby rooms are like? I'm interested in a placement for October 2016. Would love to get some insight from Mamas that have been through this before!

Csss09 Wed 13-Apr-16 21:56:05

not sure if you applied yet. I had a look at these back in oct 15.

Butterfly had a free space in the baby room. I felt the butterfly nursery was quite small. But the upstairs , where the baby room was situated was very clean. and felt quite cosy and homely. so would probably suit your baby, being only 3 months.

my dd is older, so I didn't feel Butterfly nursery suited her. (she likes to run around and is the active type).
I didn't really like Harvey Road Nursery. I only looked at the toddler room, but felt there was lots of empty spaces, couldn't see any easy access toys. felt more like a classroom.

I made an application for part time sessions at Ace nursery, and Cambridge Day nursery and still have not heard anything back.

You could also take a look at Cambridge Day Nursery, as I know they have a baby room there too.
And also I would apply asap to secure a place.

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