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Gardenaire Tue 01-Dec-15 15:59:31

Hello! We are moving into the area, to a village west of Cambridge in a few weeks (Thanks btw to the gazillion threads that gave out such good info about schools, village etc you've all been very helpful). I have a super sporty boy (8) who is crazy about tennis, athletics and rugby, does anyone have any suggestions for good clubs and coaches? Ideally tennis as that's his current obsession but any other recommendations welcome. He's into football too but we'll probably go for the village club for that one. Many thanks

northofcambridge Tue 01-Dec-15 21:25:03

my boys have been to holiday clubs at and enjoyed it

Gardenaire Tue 01-Dec-15 21:48:35

Thanks northofcambridge it looks really good, I'll get in touch with them

Cantusemyusualnickname Wed 02-Dec-15 11:26:07

Possibly out of date information again, but for tennis, DS2 enjoyed Cambridge LTC, Mike's Tennis Academy and still has (adult) lessons at Great Shelford with Over and In.
Rugby - Shelford RFC from personal experience. Also Cambridge RFC - both on west side of town.

Gardenaire Wed 02-Dec-15 22:42:29

Thank you! can'tusemyusualnickname will look into those too, will prob try Cambridge RFC first as it's closest (I think, not having driven round here ever!)

Lizardc Sat 05-Dec-15 16:22:33

My som does tennis at Chesterton Community college with Parktennis. My husband plays a lot of league tennis and has watched his lessons and says the coaching is good. They have a website, I'll find it in a second, hang on....

Lizardc Sat 05-Dec-15 16:26:24

Can,t find the website offhand (they are newish I think and just getting things going) but the chap who runs it is called Rob Ellis:

MrsGrowbag Wed 09-Dec-15 22:23:32

Whereabouts West of Cambridge are you? I live in Bourn and there are tennis lessons with a coach on Sunday mornings for under 12s (2 groups, sorted by age). My dc learned there.

There is good tennis coaching also at Papworth. I imagine there is some provision in Cambourne as well.

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