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azile Tue 18-Aug-15 09:53:35

Hi all,
We recently moved to Cambridge from out of the country. We applied for schools in our catchment area but they were full. Our two children are being placed at The Grove. I was wondering if anyone has any recent experiences with the school. I see posts from 2 years ago and a lot can change in that time frame. Our kids like to be challenged and love school. I would like to keep that attitude as long as possible��.

Lizardc Tue 18-Aug-15 17:34:01

Hi! How old are your children? My son had just finished reception at The Grove so starts year one in September. We have been very happy with the school. They had a new head three years ago who is super. They really seem to care for the children and are flexible. My son was not ready for full time school after the initial settling in period and the school was very understanding and allowed him to go part time until February.

The children seem happy and my son always come out of school having had a great day and is keen to go. We have been very impressed with the phonics teaching in reception. Not sure yet about maths, but we will see how that goes in year one.

The social and pastoral care seems good. 6-7 years ago the school had a rough time and a poor reputation but things have vastly improved since then and we are very happy now. The intake is mixed, as you wild expect for the catchment area but the school handles this well and celebrates the different cultures etc it has.

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