Milton road primary

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lydia12 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:22:07

Hi, I'm new to Cambridge and my 5 year old just got a place at Milton Road in year 1. I just wondered if anyone could let me know if this is a school their kids like! Can we expect fun and for her to have a nice time?

orchardy Mon 17-Aug-15 20:06:03

Don't let the less than glowing Ofsted report of last year put you off. No school is perfect, and there are things that could be improved, but Milton Road is still a good school, where children are happy to go into school every morning. It's a very friendly parent community too. Mine are bigger now so I don't know much about what goes on in Year 1 these days but both my kids have been very happy.

lydia12 Mon 17-Aug-15 23:53:23

Thanks for this- I'm not bothered about the Ofsted nonsense, I just hope I've got her in somewhere friendly and happy enough. Sometimes a bad Ofsted can out so much pressure in staff schools get a bit grim

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