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themice3 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:35:57

Hello local mums,
My family and I may be moving from London to Ickleton. We have a 4 yr old, 3 yr old and 3 month old and I wondered if any of you know if there are many other families with little ones in the village? We're also looking into the headache that is schools! It's not ideal timing as my eldest is due to start school this Sept. and, at present, the reception year classes are all full in the nearest schools to Ickleton. Does anyone know much about the primary in Hauxton? And has anyone had experience of moving their kiddywink mid way through a school year (as the local authority said we could go on the reserve list for the schools nearest to Ickleton)? Any thoughts much appreciated! Katie

Duxy5 Mon 13-Jul-15 23:26:58

Hi, I am just up the road from Ickleton, in Duxford. My DC3 goes to Duxford primary, which is the catchment school for Ickleton (he is in year 4).
There is a school bus from Ickleton, which also stops in the smaller village of Hinxton, and lots of children get off it, so I can only imagine there are plenty of families with young children. Ickleton has a recreation ground with apparatus, a shop, a pub, and lots of family houses, if that's anything to go by.
Which schools have you approached? Duxford I know has a waiting list for reception this year, as has William Westley school in Whittlesford, and Great & Little Shelford. Have you tried Great Abington school (can personally recommmend) or Babraham school (know lots of people who personally recommend). Linton has good schools (~15 mins drive)
Also, I don't know if you are aware of this, but Ickleton is at the very far boundary of South Cambs. So you might look at North Essex schools. Great Chesterford is very near Ickleton, actually probably the nearest school. Or schools in Newport, or Saffron Walden? They are all probably easier to get to than Hauxton, by car in the rush hour. I can't comment on Hauxton, I don't know it at all.
Good luck. Look forward to hearing your news.

doctorgeek Tue 14-Jul-15 15:15:01

There's also Fowlmere and Thriplow primary schools, although have no idea about waiting lists there. Would hate to do the Ickleton - Hauxton drive in the mornibg.

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