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m1ntymum Thu 08-Jan-15 15:47:46

Hi all, I am new to this, but could really do with some help :0(

I have a Y6 child and am looking to move to Cambridge to live closer to my partner. Unfortunately this decision was made after I had applied for a secondary school place in another LA. I have been advised to accept the place in the current location and then apply for an in-year transfer in April for a school in Cambridge, but in the meantime have to also try to secure a Primary place, at the same time as trying to find work too! Advice would be really gratefully appreciated re: 1) readers experiences of secondaries in Cambridge; 2) experiences of how quickly places arise for over subscribed schools and 3) readers experiences re: moving children without places secured in general

Thank you all very very much for reading and for your feedback

northofcambridge Sun 11-Jan-15 10:51:11

hi I moved my DC but in primary; you will need an address in Cambridge to apply for both. Nothing you can do about this - they did accept a rental agreement - so I could apply before we moved. - but check that works now. I did choose a village which did have places in the school.
There is in my experience a fair amount of turn over in Cambridge schools - however for starting Y7 I would imagine for the over subcribed schools there may already be a waiting list.
There a some secondaries that I would imagine are not over subscribed - I only know about the north side of Cambridge - thinking IVC - which is just outside Cambridge, and North Cambridge Academy. IVC is a good school and I think North cambridge Academy should be on an upturn - there are a few threads about it.

WilderRose Sun 11-Jan-15 11:36:10

Agree with northofcambridge.
My eldest will hopefully go to NCA as I am so impressed with the way the school is improving; a school dramatically on the up.
Our 2nd and 3rd choices are likely to be IVC and CCC.

cambsmummm Mon 12-Jan-15 12:05:51

In the south of Cambridge, Netherhall is the one most likely to have spaces though I'm not sure I'd recommend it at the moment (have DC there) It's going through a bit of a wobble with the head "not in the school" hmm following a poor ofsted last summer and temporary governance being provided by another school. It's not dreadful though and has a good range of GCSE options and may well be picking up by next year (I hope). Parkside and St Bedes are always badly over-subscribed - though you might get into Parkside if you move into its catchment, or into St Bedes if you're the right type of Christian (check its admissions criteria). Coleridge varies from year to year (as do its exam results!) and sometimes has space.

There's not that much turnaround mid-year at secondaries and as said previously, people often stay on the list for their preferred school for a term or so into Y7. The LA website will tell you which ones have space once they've done their first round of making offers. There is quite a bit of movement after that though (but before September) as some kids go private and don't take up their offer so others shuffle around.

If you're moving to the city there is very likely to be a place somewhere within 3 miles in Cambridge, so that is what you'll be offered.

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