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Comalley Thu 30-Oct-14 06:50:07

Hi all,
My family and I have just arrived in Cambridge. We are looking for a place to live but have no idea which area.
We have 2 girls, 10 months and 5 years old. I am a SAHM
Ideally we'd like to be within walking distance to shops, library, playgroups etc as I haven't learned to drive. We're looking to rent for around £950 a month.
Any advise would be helpful

FurlaBag Thu 30-Oct-14 18:56:02

Hi Clare! A friend of mine has recently rented a three bedroom garden flat just off Histon Road for £1,000 pcm. It's very near Aldi and other shops. His son goes to St Luke's and they're very happy with both the area and the school.
Otherwise for that price, I'd look at Cherry Hinton but it's not as central

JennyWren1234 Thu 30-Oct-14 23:28:12

Would you consider just outside Cambridge. Somewhere near the guided busway so you have good access into Cambridge. You would get a much bigger house to rent by being a little out of Cambridge.

Landess Thu 30-Oct-14 23:28:59

Hi Clare! I'm in exactly the same situation, in active search of the place, school, activities, no driving, etc. We found something we like quite central by Grafton shopping mall, but it's quite far above £1500 pcm. I saw nice family houses with garden for £1000-1200 3-4 miles away all around Cambridge, but no vibrant feeling at all, and sometimes kilometres away from the nearest shop. Histon looked nice to me but it only has one small supermarket and few pubs. To be really close to everything it might be worth trying to get something inside the town. Even though you have to compromise with the size and the standardsad

FurlaBag Fri 31-Oct-14 07:47:11

Landess - Histon Road is not the same as Histon the village. I'm talking. About the area around the top part of Histon Road or even Arbury which is on the same side of town is relatively cheap

Comalley Fri 31-Oct-14 18:29:15

Thanks everyone for your replies.
Landness hope you find a place soon

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