What's your fave cambridge restaurant?

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ihatethecold Wed 22-Oct-14 21:24:08

I love Cau. Amazing burgers from Argentina.

Bedouin great North African food with the best mint tea I've ever had.

Teri-Aki. Really tasty bento boxes.

Where do you like eating?

SiliconJen Sat 25-Oct-14 14:29:04

When we manage to escape from the children and pizza express,The Peking, opposite the leisure park - delicious Chinese.

NewtoCambridge Thu 30-Oct-14 22:19:10

Where's Bedouin? It sounds interesting

We like Cambridge Chop House on Kings Parade, Pint Shop, just off Market Square. I keep meaning to try The Wrestlers on Newmarket Rd, I've heard really good things about it

ihatethecold Fri 31-Oct-14 08:05:46

Bedouin is in mill road.
I also like St Johns chop house. Great set menu, very good value.

I tried smoke works last week.
It was ok but I don't think I'll be going back.

orchardy Fri 31-Oct-14 09:14:12

Wrestlers is great for a weekday lunch!

My favourite restaurant of all is no 22 Chesterton Road but that is a rare treat! (Although actually I think it is extremely good value for what you get).

ihatethecold Fri 31-Oct-14 09:26:08

I used to work very close to The Wrestlers pub.
Our boss used to buy us take out lunch sometimes.
It was bloody lovely.

Lizardc Fri 31-Oct-14 19:45:31

I love The Pint Shop and Restaurant 22. Wrestlers is nice food, but more pub than restaurant. We went to d'Arrys two weeks ago and I was really nice.

ihatethecold Sat 01-Nov-14 08:04:00

Has anyone tried 5 guys yet at the leisure park?

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