early morning childcare?

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EverybodysGoneSurfing Sat 18-Oct-14 22:25:15

Any genius ideas I haven't thought of?! DD starts school next year, breakfast clubs start at 7.45/8.00 but we both leave town for work before 7.30! No childminder vacancies for catchment schools (have tried!). Can't think what else to do! She'll either be going to Queen Emma or Ridgefield. Any thoughts?

orchardy Sun 19-Oct-14 09:21:01

Are there any local teenagers who could come to your house and then walk your DD to breakfast club on their way to school in exchange for a few quid? I leave home at 6.30 some mornings, and my DP usually drops DC at breakfast club at 7.45, but if he's away I have a local teenager who is willing to get up and supervise them. Try asking neighbours if there are any responsible teenagers living nearby.
Either that, or do either of you have the kind of job where you could negotiate a later start and then miss lunch/stay later in the evening while the other picks up DD?

Artepka Sat 03-Jan-15 22:01:22

Hi, my son is also starting next year. We have not decided which school to put first if Queen E. or Ridgefield. Have you? I know, not much time left. Where do you live, perhaps we could somehow share the childcare? :-)

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