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beanbags1 Sun 05-Oct-14 21:23:25

I'm looking at independent prep schools for yr3 entry next year for my son and was hoping to get some feedback, either positive or negative for various schools. We are considering Kings, the Perse, St.Johns, St. Faiths and possibly Heritage. Does anyone have any experience of these schools? Good pastoral care would be something we would be definitely be looking for.


DyeInTheEar Wed 29-Oct-14 11:27:38

My DS is at St John's - I think the pastoral care is fantastic at this school.

I think the head is like Dumbledore - he is incredibly caring & kind & the teachers follow his example. My DS did have some issues and these were resolved gently and patiently and with my total involvement. They got best prep & best head and you can understand why.

I have friends with DCs at the Perse & Kings & St Faiths and their kids are very happy too.

beanbags1 Wed 29-Oct-14 21:23:36

Thanks for replying. We have ruled out the Perse as it doesn't seem the right environment for our child. St. Faiths and Kings seemed very nice and possibly what we're looking for in terms of pastoral care. We are also going to see St. John's and it's good to hear that you're so positive about it.

thegrowlygus Sun 23-Nov-14 09:05:41

Mine are at St John's too - we are very happy with the school!

Granta Sat 06-Dec-14 18:17:31

My son was at st Faiths and was very happy there.

bufforpington1 Thu 11-Dec-14 19:46:38

I have only just seen this and realise I'm very late in posting. However. my children were at King's and, while they experienced no problems personally, it was well known that a surprisingly high number of families left the school because of the poor pastoral care - i.e. matters surrounding bullying that were simply denied/dismissed by very senior staff. I noted a poor level of mutual respect between pupils and staff and most parents are viewed as an irritation at a senior level. Several staff are super though. You will be schmoozed on a visit and it seems a happy environment superficially, but beware! Compared with other schools of my experience, there exists a lot of dissatisfaction (and not just among the parents...!). Obviously, some love it too. I hear the pastoral care at St John's is very good.

howdymum Fri 12-Dec-14 12:44:10

My two are at St Faith's and love it, as we do too!

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